Tosoh’s advanced HPLC systems are fully automated systems that rapidly and precisely separate haemoglobins for quantification of HbA1c and HbA2/F. Suitable for high throughput of HbA1c and/or HbA2/F testing in the laboratory or clinic environment, our HPLC solutions provide a reliable, accurate and precise result at all times.

    Pre-determined windows are set in the software to detect the presence of Haemoglobins A1a, A1b, F, L-A1c, s-A1c and A0 with other windows allowing presumptive identification of various variant haemoglobins.

  • R&D Diagnostics Ltd

    Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency neonatal screening.

  • Dirui Industrial Co., Ltd

    Dedicated to R&D, Dirui offers world-class laboratory solutions for urinalysis.

    • Fully Automatic & Semi-Automated Urine Analysers

    • Urine Sediment Analysers

    • Urine Strips up to 14 parameters

  • Wako

    Specializing in analytical chemistry reagents.

  • Quantimetrix

    Controls for Urinalysis, General Chemistry, Special Chemistry, Diabetes and Diagnostic Assays.