• Tri-med Distributor Pty Ltd

    PYtest is a Urea Breath Test considered to be the “Gold-Standard” Non-invasive diagnostic test for detection of H.pylori.

    Prof. Barry J. Marshall and Dr. Robin Warren were jointly awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in December 2005 for their discovery of the bacterium Helicobacter pylori and its role as the causative agent of gastritis, peptic & duodenal ulcer disease.

  • Biohit HealthCare

    For prevention and early diagnosis of gastrointestinal diseases.

    • GastroPanel- blood sample-based based examination for diagnosis of stomach diseases and associated risks, including gastric cancer.

    • Quick tests- diagnosis of lactose intolerance and Helicobacter pylori infection in connection with gastroscopy.

    • Colon-View- examination for the early detection of intestinal bleeding that indicates colorectal cancer.

    • POC tests- Diagnose celiac disease with a fingerprick blood.

  • BÜHLMANN Laboratories AG

    Diagnostic tools to better determine the patients’ inflammatory disease process by measuring markers such as Calprotectin, CIC and aC1Q.

    Quantum Blue® Calprotectin rapid test serves as a sensitive and non-invasive tool to diagnose patients with IBS, IBD and CRP.