• Medical Laboratory Evaluation (MLE)

    With over 137,000 members in over 25 countries, American College of Physicians’ (ACP) is the largest specialty medical society in the world.

    MLE provides reliable, user-friendly Proficency Testing services for CAP accepted analytes, off- schedule proficiency testing and easily accessible on-line reports and summaries.

  • Randox

    Randox Acusera range of Quality Controls and Calibrators covers over 300 parameters and guarantees excellent performance.

    RIQAS is the largest global EQA scheme with 21 comprehensive programmes used by 24,000 laboratories worldwide.

  • Seracare Life Sciences

    Extensive range of high-quality biological materials with highest level of consistency, confidence and compliance.

    ACCURUN® Quality Controls improve assay accuracy and lab efficiency.

    ACCUSET™ Performance Panels, ACCUTRAK™ Qualification Panels and ACCUSPAN™ Linearity Panels provides reliable verification of assay performance to help you maintain compliance.

    ACCUTYPE™ Viral Isolates enable you to validate, verify and trouble shoot your assay and lab-developed test.

    Complete BioCollections™, your source for high-quality, characterized normal and disease state materials for use as controls/ panels.

    Bulk Materials, an ideal choice for diluent as a base matrix in preparing controls and calibrators, made entirely of human material.

  • Maine Standards

    VALIDATE® calibration verification and linearity testing offers multiple configurations for the mostly widely used instrument systems.

    Analyte category includes:

    • General Chemistry

    • Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

    • Lipoprotein

    • Osmolality

    • Urine Chemistries

    • Cardiac Markers

    • Thyroid Analytes

    • Serum Proteins