• Medical Laboratory Evaluation (MLE)

    With over 137,000 members in over 25 countries, American College of Physicians’ (ACP) is the largest specialty medical society in the world.

    MLE provides reliable, user-friendly Proficency Testing services for CAP accepted analytes, off- schedule proficiency testing and easily accessible on-line reports and summaries.

  • Seracare Life Sciences

    Extensive range of high-quality biological materials with highest level of consistency, confidence and compliance.

    ACCURUN® Quality Controls improve assay accuracy and lab efficiency.

    ACCUSET™ Performance Panels, ACCUTRAK™ Qualification Panels and ACCUSPAN™ Linearity Panels provides reliable verification of assay performance to help you maintain compliance.

    ACCUTYPE™ Viral Isolates enable you to validate, verify and trouble shoot your assay and lab-developed test.

    Complete BioCollections™, your source for high-quality, characterized normal and disease state materials for use as controls/ panels.

    Bulk Materials, an ideal choice for diluent as a base matrix in preparing controls and calibrators, made entirely of human material.

  • Maine Standards

    VALIDATE® calibration verification and linearity testing offers multiple configurations for the mostly widely used instrument systems.

    Analyte category includes:

    • General Chemistry

    • Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

    • Lipoprotein

    • Osmolality

    • Urine Chemistries

    • Cardiac Markers

    • Thyroid Analytes

    • Serum Proteins

  • Audit MicroControls, Inc

    AUDIT® provides value to customers through high-quality products, easy to use data management tools and unrivalled personalised service.
    – A broad line of superior quality universal & analyzer specific products.
    – FREE and easy to use Auditor™ QC “instant reports” data reduction software or AUDIT® Faxback.
    – AUDIT® Ship provides unrivaled, personalized standing order autoship service.