• Entrogen

    With a primary focus on molecular diagnostics in the haematology and oncology, Entrogen’s real-time PCR based mutation analyses kits are used to guide and monitor targeted therapies for various malignancies.

  • Taigen

    Fully automate DNA/RNA extraction from raw samples to nucleic acid elution.

    Suitable for laboratories to perform clinical, agricultural, forensic, research and applied.

  • Texas Biogene

    Dedicated to development of nucleic acid testing kits. Quality HLA Typing kits for immune matching of bone marrow, cord blood and solid organ transplants.

  • Seegene, Inc.

    Global leader of multiplex molecular diagnostics with core technologies TOCE™,

    READ™, DPO™ and ACP™ that overcomes conventional PCR.

    Seegene’s simultaneous and multiple detection technologies, which are unique and superior, have already surpassed the limits of conventional diagnostic techniques and provided a means of testing dozens of pathogens at once. These technologies result in cost reduction for patients because it allows detection of multiple pathogens in a single test and definitely can provide benefits of more personalised diagnostic opportunities. For doctors, these technologies provide opportunities for more accurate and efficient treatment.