Research Products available on BSF

20 August 2014

Jackson ImmunoResearch secondary antibodies and Yeastern Biotech research items are now listed on A*STAR Research Support Centre. To order through RSC, visit

Automation and Management for Bacteriology Lab

20 August 2014

All Eights is now working with i2a to bring you complete automation for bacteriology lab and complete management of all bacteriology results. Specialized in bacteriology, i2a is the first IVD company in the world to provide a fully automated system for disc diffusion.


Analysers: (These 3 analysers can be combined for complete automation.) 

  • PRELUD – Pre-analytical analyzer, also performs plates streaking and preparation of antibiograms.
  • MAESTRO – Incubator-reader of culture plates including interpretation and sorting.
  • SIRSCAN Automatic – Incubation and reading of AST on round or square plates.

Identification / Susceptibility Readers 

  • SirScan 2000 & SirScan micro – Middleware
  • SirWeb – complete management of all bacteriology results. I2a also markets a wide range of bacteriology reagents.

Drop us an email for more information or visit i2a website at

Complete Software Solutions

20 August 2014

All Eights is now working with OnQ Softwares and Noemalife to provide software solutions for both public and private healthcare organisations. Noemalife solutions help to optimise the workflow of healthcare structures at departmental, hospital and regional level through the adoption of a new management approach integrating the various aspects of the clinical process across all the main spheres of application:

  1. Clinical Services
  2. Diagnostic Services
  3. Community and Regional

Noemalife solutions are used with success around the world by more than 1800 healthcare structures and over 145,000 healthcare professionals. Watch the videos below for 2 of their core products:


Methis,  software solution dedicated to flow cytometry

Halia,  middleware for powerful lab automation

Immunodiagnostic Systems for the investigation of special assays

20 August 2014

IDS is dedicated to the development and provision of innovative immunoassays for the investigation of bone, cartilage, growth, hypertension and renal assays. Dominant position in kits for determination of Vitamin D (both 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D and 1,25- Dihydroxy Vitamin D). IDS also manufactures IDS-iSYS, a compact bench-top Fully Automated Immunoassay System that brings testing efficiency and uncompromised quality for the testing of the most challenging markers.   Visit the website to learn more about IDS-iSYS: